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2023 Several New Inventory

We have several new inflatable bounce house this year!

We have #8 New FunSize Inflatable Combo Jumpers. All of them are different themes. The slide is wide enough for two kids to go down at same time. Adults can still jump and play on these as well. The cost for these are $230. The recommend age are 10yrs and under. They have replaced all our XL double slide Jumpers. We find these to be more suitable for more compact backyards. We still have two large combo castles in stock and the basic size jumpers and obstacle for older kids over age of 10.

We have 14 indoor toddler jumpers now. Several new themes as well! Cost are from $50 to $75, they are for the Wknd. One person per Wknd. For kids 5yrs and younger.

This year we will be trying the Inflatable Water Slide. Will be arriving sometime mid to late June.

In the past, we were hesitant to purchase one. Because, of water weight, it being wet at arrival and not having time clean/ to air dry (extra work) to make sure unit was dry in a timely manner. This year will be a trial, to decide if we will be keeping unit or not? Cost will be $230.

Expectations of water slide renters, Would be to either have it Completey drained, and air dried for 2hr run time before we arrive. To see if that's enough time to dry it? Or have to be picked up next day . Allowing it to completely air dry before arrival? Only one customer per Wknd to rent slide. Expected cost $230. Adults can go on it, age recommendation wound be 10yrs and younger. As this is a 6ft slide. We still have two 24ft long inflatable slip in slides in stock as well. As these units are high demand rental items. For $150 (self serve) same day rentals.

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