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Welcome to Salem Jumper Rentals. We are a family run crew.
Check out our Pictures and Customer Reviews on  Facebook and also now on Instagram at Salem Jumper Rentals. We have been serving this community since 2015!!

 My children and I started this business to help them learn how to run a business. I wanted to instill in them skills like Hard work, team work, Customer Service Skills, Time management, handling money, making business decisions, paying bills, sales, Marketing and all the things it takes to run a successful business. They Keep track of the inventory and have really developed as young business owners.
About me: I am a wife and a mother of 5 AMAZING kids. I have a strong background in running business. I have worked as a Sales manager, Marketing, graphic design, and in sales promotions. I am thankful for this background because it has allowed me to work on my own terms as I run this business with my family. I am also the owner of Salem Kayak Rentals. I am thankful for the opportunity to turn something I love and am passionate about doing into a business I can share with others.
Having a large family, I have found it is difficult  to work for a boss. Also, as a domestic violence survivor, I have had to overcome many obstacles. After my husband was sentenced to prison for the abuse he had put myself and my children through, I found myself a single parent of 3 children, with no financial support. I started working for the Marion County District Attorney, through a paid volunteer program as a Victim Advocate. This internship helped me get the resources and healing my kid and I needed, and also was an avenue of being able to help others going through what I had gone through.

 After the internship, I started my small side business. I met my future husband, an amazing man who ended up adopting my 3 children, and we ended up having 2 more children together.
All in  all, my kids had been affected. It was heartbreaking to see them struggle in school and inherit ADHD from myself and my side of the family. Seeing some red flags of other issues such as learning disabilities and being  on the spectrum for borderline autism, I did not want my children to struggle.
I am excited they are learning these skills of running a business, so no matter what they have going on in life, they will know how to be creative. They can work at a job or they have the knowledge they need to run their own business. My dream and goal is to help them grow into successful, respectful individuals who can overcome any obstacle. I want them to learn to give back to their communities and that they can do everything they put their minds to, and to never give up.
It’s been an amazing journey, and even when things don’t go the way we want, it's not a failure, it's an opportunity to learn and grow, and to not quit until you have succeeded.

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