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Contact Us 

(Please allow 3-4 business days for a response) Only text Mon-Fri. We are extremely busy setting up/taking down jumpers on wknds. During Peak Season, 


*Pricing is based on a 2hr to 8hr day rental at a FLAT RATE, like new and clean quality jumpers, flexibility, professionalism, and great customer service.

*Travel Time Fees: Are based from 4521 Harlan Dr NE Salem OR 97305, $10 for 0-15 min. away, $20 for 16-25 minutes, $30 for 26-36 min., $75 for 37-46min, $130 for 47-105 min.

*SELF SERVE ITEMS ARE PICKED UP/RETURED MEET AT NEAR BY LOCATION off the i5/ Portland Rd Exit, Easy for customers to grab & go and drop off with employee. These are always done Mon-Fri (Early morning or between 5-6pm with in a 10min waiting time.



All reservations are text messaged to 503-877-8449 to Shannon, owner of Salem Jumper Rentals LLC.

Please include:

1.) What you are renting?

2.) Must have actual ADDRESS?

3.) Public or Private Property? (Name of location if Public)

4.) Setup on Cement or Grass?

5.) Indoors or outdoors?

6.) First and last name of person 18yr & older signing rental agreement. (Must be Owner of property or person on lease, or authorized for a biz to sign. (Business Name)

7.) Email Address? to send rental agreement to be signed same day & $50 Deposit payment link. Both must be completed same day of booking to guarantee reservation.

8.) Date of event,

9.) Start time of event and request for pick up time? (first come first serve).

10.) How are you paying? Exact Cash, Check or Card? $50 deposit same day as booking and will be emailed link. Must be completed with rental agreement before you will be booked.

The balance is due before we setup at arrival time. If you choose to pay with a card at that time? Then there is a 3.4% service fee for using a card. There must be (Wifi) or pay day before. Must let us know, so we can pre send the payment link day before.

(OVERNIGHTS) are ONLY ALLOWED if we cannot pick up same day at no extra charge. If you need multiple days. You will need to pay for extra days.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Must be flexible and allow us to set up as early as 7:00AM till 30 mins before your event start time. Our schedule will keep changing as people reserve. We will text you, once we are on our way. You could be the very first set uptime at 7:00AM. All Payments have to be received before setting up at arrival time. If you are not there or have to wait for cars to be moved/ pet poop to be picked up. It can force us to leave and cancel. As we have a very tight schedule and cannot be late to everyone else. No refund and will cancel booking. No dogs at arrival times, in or on rentals.  


*You will need permission on public property and proof of liability insurance coverage before we set up. You are responsible for any fines or citation that could incurred to non authorization and no refund. Parks are harder for us to book at last minute. Would need to be booked well in advance. We only set up as selective parks that offer liability insurance in their reservation. Call City of Salem Parks to reserve and ask for power outlet.



 Please reserve (BEFORE) these dates by text msg Shannon at 503-877-8449 to guarantee a booking. 

*Requirements for 4th of July

-Must have a fenced in back yard or in the country away from people view for overnight. No extra charge for overnights during this time.


-Must be available for set up anytime on July 3rd and take down July 5th. We are closed on  the 4th of July.


*Season's Schedule(Set up and take down times) are anywhere between time frame base on a 2hr - 8hr  rental.

  1. INDOORS 7:30AM thru 10:30PM

  2. March - May 8AM - 9PM

  3. June - Oct 15th 7:30AM - 8PM

  4. Oct 16th - Dec 10:30 AM - 4:30PM

  5. Jan - Feb 10AM - 5:30PM


*IMPORTANT POLICY The rental agreement is a contract of releasing and holding Salem Jumper Rentals LLC, Owners, Volunteers and family harmless of any known or unknown liability of harm or malfunctions of any kind. You rent at your own risk. You take full responsibility of equipment damaged during your rental time, supervision of use, health of jumpers participating and safety guidelines we send you to read. rental agreement to email. You are expected to sign 3 different DocuSign in email. (Two at booking) one at pick up time. 



*SELF SERVE ITEMS: Payments are due at booking by card/ email link. There is a $50

nonrefundable deposit if you cancel. Unless its due to bad weather for outdoor items. PICK UP LOCATION: 4521 Harlan Dr NE Salem 97305. Must make reservations for pick up time, must text 30 mins before drop off. So, you are not responsible for being stolen. Expected to pull into driveway to grab and go at your reservation time.

*DEPOSIT ($50 Non Refundable deposit due at Booking, by card/email link same day.) Bad weather will allow the refund of $50 before setup. The fifty dollars will count towards rental. There is (NO) convenience fee for deposits


*CARD (4% convenience fee) for using card. All card payments are due 5 days before event date or sooner, must send screen shot of proof to text 503-877-8449 or it will cancel booking and no refund of deposit.


CANCELLATIONS: There is a $50 nonrefundable deposit if you cancel. If you reschedule, we will credit the $50 towards the new reservation date.


*CASH or CHECK If you choose to pay cash or check. $50 is due at booking and pay the difference at arrival time on day of event. MUST HAVE EXACT CHANGE or Check.

*NO REFUNDS after we set up. You can cancel reservations 5 days before event or sooner. We are OK with light passing rain. Any constant rain, winds over 15MPH can cancel or shorten your rental time. No price break if we have to pick up early. We wait till morning of, to decide if we are going to choose to cancel, if you have not yet due to weather. No Refunds if you cancel 5 days or less prior to event, unless bad weather is the cause. If any rain gets into jumper or not covered. There will be a $100 charge, these jumpers are not water jumpers, and can permanently damage the jumpers and add lots of water weight inside. 

*NOTE TO NO REFUND and CANCELLATIONS: If you are not there at arrival times or the access way to set up is (blocked) with objects or pet poop in yard, or having to wait to set up, or not having appropriate layout for jumper to safely be set up will cause a cancellation and NO REFUND. This can (cause us being late to the rest of our events), There is zero tolerance. Please be prepared.


RULES: Supervision at all times. NO DOGS DURING SET UP AND TAKE DOWN OF JUMPERS. For the (safety) of our team. If the jumpers are extremely dirty or wet. We can charge a extra cleaning fee of $150. No Food, No Shoes, No Objects, No Color Dye, NO Silly String inside or on Bounce House or other rental equipment. Renter is responsible for damages that occur during rental time and extra fees will be applied as rental agreement details. These are the terms you agree to whe you sign a rental agreement contract.

COVID: To HELP US follow the guidelines. Please allow us to work in all weather conditions without a mask, as it has caused us health concerns breathing in chemicals and difficulties with physical work. Salem Jumper Rentals team workers all live together and do not need to wear a mask or are vaccinated. And we do not take rights away and force customers to wear masks on their own property. Some of us have (already) received the Covid vaccine, some of the children that own and run this business is waiting their turn to receive the vaccine to help stop the spread. 


*Season's Schedule(Set up and take down times) are anywhere between time frame base on a 2hr - 8hr  rental at a Flat Rate Price.

  1. INDOORS 7:30AM thru 10:30PM

  2. -March - May 8AM - 9PM

  3. -June - Oct 15th 7:30AM - 8PM

  4. -Oct 7th - Dec 10:30 AM - 4:30PM

  5. -Jan - Feb 10AM - 5:00PM

*PRICES, ($20 off 2nd rental in same calendar year) 

- Indoor only Toddler Jumpers $50 self serve

-Basic Single slide Jumpers $200

-Basic Mini Double Slide Combos $200

-Fun Size Combos $230

-Large Combo $250

-XL Double Slide Combo Castle $300

-Single Obstacle Course $300

-inflatable slip in slide. Self serve unless it's with a jumper $200

-4 in 1 Inflatable game $75 self serve, unless it's with a jumper

-Soak and wet dunk $75 or $65 with large jumper rental self serve, unless it's a jumper

-Inflatable Laser Tag arena maze $350 

-Inflatable Gladiator $300 

-Inflatable theme character airblowns and other party rental prices variety.


*We are closed TUES, WED, THURS during peak season June 15th-Sept 7th. Allow 3-4 business days for a response back. Only make reservations by text only on weekdays as we are extremely busy working on wknds.



 Please reserve (BEFORE) these dates by text msg Shannon at 503-877-8449 to guarantee a booking. 


-EASTER SUNDAY APRIL 17th (can set up day before, pick up late Sun.)

-Cinco De Mayo May 5th (can setup night before, pick up late 5th)

-May 16th-19th

-May 26th

-May 10th (GRADURATION DAY for Daughter)

-June 21st 

-June 27th-29th

-4th of JULY (can setup day before, take down 5th)

-July 6th

-July 11th-13th

-July 18th-21st

-Aug 3rd

-Aug 16th-19th

-Aug 24th

-Aug 30th

-LABOR DAY Sept 5th

-Oct 1st 

-Oct 8th

-Oct 14th



-CHRISTAMS EVE & DAY Dec. 24th-25th

-NEW YEARS EVE - NEW YEARS DAY (can set up if indoors day before & day after)


Please reserve (BEFORE) these dates by text msg Shannon at 503-877-8449 to guarantee a booking. 

THANK YOU! For reading our policy and expectations. We appreciate your business and being able to serve the community since 2015.

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