Inflatable Bungee Jump

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*Pricing for Inflatable Bungee Jump: recommend 8yrs and older

-$100 includes cleaning, (this is a self serve) charge for delivery  

*Inflatable Bungee Jump 

Capacity 1 person at a time (500 pds). Size: 10' tall & base is 22' x 5' 

This is a self serve item or a charge to deliver. This item is portable inflated by a hand held electric pump and zip. No power needed to keep it inflated. 

RECOMMENDED: 100 pounds or less per person. Needs supervision and help buckle kids in harness. Due to the lack of how fast this unit deflates. We are allowing renters multi day rental at no extra charge. To allow extra time to deflate. We are selling this unit at $700 if interested. Still like new condition. Due to lack of how quick it deflates. Is why we are selling unit Please let us know if interested in  purchase or rental.

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