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Inflatables  Games  Backdrops

*Pricing for inflatables:

-$5 small size

-$10 medium size or two for $15

-$15 large size or two for $25

-$20 for one large and one medium

-$20 XL size or $15 with 2nd character

*Halloween  (Package)

Includes everything in photos below.

*XL double Slide Combo $345

($30 off) for $315

*White Mini Double Slide or

Neutral Mini Double slide $215

*Pricing for Games and more:

*Games and Photo Prop $5 each, Interchanges with stand and clips.

*Backdrops with stand $7

*Banners and Tulle Table Skirts $5

*Tables $10 and Chairs $3 each

*Fog Machine $10 and $15 fog juice

*Strobe Light $5

*Color or Black Lights $5

* Small Special ball lights $5

XL Double Slide Combo package

or Mini Neutral Double Slide Combo


halloween set 1.jpg

Mini Neutral and White Mini

Double Slide Package


Tall Pumpkin

XL 12ft

Tall Ghost

XL 12ft

Haunted Tree

large 8ft

Haunted House

Arch way XL 7ft

tall pumpkin.jpg

Tall Jack

XL 12ft

tall ghost.jpg
tree scary.jpg
Haunted walk through both.jpg

Jack on the hill

XL 12ft 

Boogie Oogie

XL 7ft

Nightmare b4 Xmas

 Arch XL 9ft

Jack N Sally

medium 6ft

and small 4ft

jack by himself

NIGHTMARE 40th celebration.jpg
Nightmare b4 xmas arch.jpg
Jack n sally n zero.jpg
halloween 2.jpg
Halloween haunted tree combo.jpg
3 in one halloween set up on mini.jpg
HAlloween 3.jpg
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