Inflatables  Games  Backdrops

*Pricing for inflatables:

-$5 small size

-$10 medium size or two for $15

-$15 large size or two for $25

-$20 for one large and one medium

-$20 XL size or $15 with 2nd character

Package: $205 includes mini double slide combo or single slide jumper. With XL Olaf, Sven and Olaf together, Elsa and small Olaf. Back drops and games are separated.

*Pricing for Games and more:

*Games and Photo Prop $5 each, Interchanges with stand and clips.

*Backdrops with stand $7

*Banners and Tulle Table Skirts $5

*Tables $10 and Chairs $3 each

Sven sitting w/ Olaf

large 8ft

Sitting Olaf

small 4ft

Green Elsa

medium 7ft

Blue Elsa

medium 7ft &

large 12ft

Sitting Olaf

small 4.5ft

Olaf on Sven

large  7.5ft


XL large 11ft


Photo Prop


Bean Toss

Frozen Back Drop with stand


Blind Fold

Birthday Cake

XL 8ft 

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Birthday Cake

large 8ft